Welcome to Pacific ABA Academy

Pacific ABA Academy is dedicated to providing scientifically validated ABA treatment to individuals diagnosed with Autism and related disabilities. It is our goal to provide motivation and self- empowerment to teach individuals touched with special needs that the sky is the limit.

Home Program

Girl with Bubbles

Pacific ABA Academy provides an intensive home ABA program. It consists of 1:1 intervention in the areas of academics, receptive & expressive language, fine motor, gross motor, social, play and self-help skills. Our programs are derived from the ABLLS-R curriculum.

The home program mainly utilizes an intensive, Lovaas-based approach with the incorporation of verbal behavior and fluency-based teaching techniques. Staff generally consists of a behaviour consultant and/or program supervisor, senior interventionist, and two junior level interventionists.

We also offer school consultation and collaboration for home-school continuity. Collaboration with Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists is also provided in the child’s treatment plan. A family-centered approach is utilized so the family plays a critical role in their child’s program.

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On-Site Group Program

Three Children

In addition to the home program, we also house an intensive group ABA program for children ages 2-6 years old for 16-20 hours a week.

The on-site group ABA program encompasses a “pre-school” type setting where children attend a highly structured group ABA Program for 4 hours a day. This program involves two critical components: One-to-one intensive teaching sessions following the Lovaas method and other scientifically validated approaches, and natural environment teaching sessions to generalize the skills taught in the intensive teaching sessions. These two sessions are randomly rotated throughout the four hours so there are equal opportunities for learning in the one-to-one setting as well as learning in a group with similar peers.

Four qualified interventionists work across six children, with 1-to-1 instruction provided during the intensive teaching sessions. Group activities include: art time, snack time, community outings, active games, and board games.

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Private Assessments

Pacific ABA Academy is now offering Private Assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Find out more here.