Our goal is to help families who have children diagnosed with Autism to receive a quality ABA Program with a certified service provider. We believe that every child is unique and deserves an individualized curriculum to meet their needs. Each one has the capability to reach their full potential and achieve a good quality of life. Pacific ABA Academy is here to help them “reach for the stars”.


Ramen Saggu has been working with my son Christian since he was three years old, he is now 14. At that time she was our Behavioural Therapist. She left for a while to do her studies and then she came back to work with him as our Consultant. I have been very lucky to have someone who cares about Christian to run his program. Christian is a difficult child to teach because of his autism, apraxia and severe word retrieval problem. Still with Ramen’s support we have made advances with him. Christian will never be typical but with Ramen’s help he can have some independence. The school system is not very helpful so it is nice to have Ramen whom I can rely on to deal with academics and problem behaviours.

– Anna Silveira, mother of Christian Silveira, 14 year old boy.

We have been extremely pleased with our consultant. We have noticed many improvements with our son’s behavior and he has picked up many new skills under the direction of our consultant, Ramen Saggu. Toilet training, some sign language, some words, manding and imitation are some of the big achievements our son has had due to Ramen’s programming. These skills have been the most difficult for our son to develop. I can’t tell you how happy I am to start to hear my son use words. We have found that Ramen has also been a great resource for information and she has been happy to co-ordinate and work with other professionals that are helping our son. Having Ramen working with all of the other professionals has fulfilled our desire for a hard working, consistent team helping my son.

– Dawn, mother of 5 year old son

My son was 2.5 years old when he was diagnosed with Autism. We got in touch with Ramen Saggu from ABA Academy for my son’s therapy for consultation to decrease challenging behaviour and increasing speech. We noticed that in the past 6 months there has been significant improvement with the help of Ramen Saggu and trained behaviour interventionists of ABA Academy. I would like to thank ABA Academy for their time and great effort.

– Anonymous, mother of 4 year old son.