Home Program

Child Peeking OutA home program is comprised of a team of behavior interventionists who work directly with a child on a daily basis providing intensive ABA therapy. The number of hours will vary based on the child’s level of functioning and the family’s budget (between 8-40 hours a week).

  • The team consists of a behaviour consultant and/or program supervisor, senior interventionist, and two junior level interventionists.
  • Sessions are two hours in length and involve discrete trial teaching in a 1-1 setting.
  • The behaviour consultant or program supervisor works 6-7 hours a month with the family and the senior behaviour interventionist works 8 hours a month or twice a week.
  • The home program is flexible and working shifts will be scheduled based on the family and staff’s availability.
  • It is mandatory for all families to be assigned a senior level behaviour interventionist, but clients have the option of privately hiring their junior level staff.
  • The senior and junior level staff are supervised and trained by the behaviour consultant to implement scientifically validated programs to the child in the following areas: receptive language, compliance skills, expressive language, gross and fine motor skills, academic skills, requesting/manding, and natural environment teaching.
  • Team meetings occur once a month for 1.5-2 hours with the entire ABA team. This meeting involves a program review to discuss which objectives and targets are in acquisition and which ones are mastered so the team can analyze progress. It also involves a discussion of any issues and concerns raised by the family or team members, as well as a formal review of behaviour plans implemented for challenging behaviour.
  • Intervention overlaps with the senior level interventionist and behaviour consultant/program supervisor occur at least twice a month. These overlaps are mandatory so the consultant and/or program supervisor can monitor, evaluate, assess, and provide further feedback and training for the staff.

Role of the Behaviour Consultant in the Home Program

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  • The Behaviour Consultant is responsible for conducting an Assessment of Basic Language and Learning skills of the child.
  • Those skills involved in social interaction, group instruction and generalized responding are assessed during preschool/school visits.
  • Additional assessments are conducted with school age learners to investigate critical thinking skills and learning style.
  • Subsequent assessments are conducted every 6 months depending on the child’s progress.
  • The Behaviour Consultant is responsible for developing a comprehensive curriculum that will reflect child’s individual needs. The Intervention Plan will clearly outline short-term and long-term academic objectives.
  • The Behaviour Consultant will conduct functional assessment and functional analysis to address behavior issues and assist parents in implementing behavior plans.
  • The Behaviour Consultant will continuously provide intensive training to therapists and parents in Discrete Trial teaching methodology and Natural Environment Training based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The Behaviour Consultant will implement other techniques that had been supported by scientific research; those include Incidental Teaching, Pivotal Training or Group Intervention that focuses on developing social awareness and interactive play skills.
  • The Behaviour Consultant will provide ongoing supervision of the team members to maintain the integrity of the program.
  • The Behaviour Consultant will conduct monthly team meetings to review child’s progress and consult other professionals that had been assigned to work with the child.