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On-Site Group Program

The on-site group ABA program will encompass a "pre-school" type setting where children attend a highly structured group ABA Program for 4 hours a day. This program will provide a guaranteed 20 hours a week of necessary intervention needed for a child diagnosed with Autism and related disabilities.

This program will involve two critical components: One-to-one intensive teaching sessions following the Lovaas method and other scientifically validated approaches, and natural environment teaching sessions to generalize the skills taught in the intensive teaching sessions. These two sessions will be randomly rotated throughout the four hours so there are equal opportunities for learning in the one-to-one setting as well as learning in a group with similar peers. Four qualified interventionists will work across six children, with 1-to-1 instruction provided during the intensive teaching sessions. All children will participate in circle time, art time, snack, time and community outings together as a group.

Two sessions are offered daily:
Morning Program: 9:30 am - noon
Afternoon Program: 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

There is also a modified part-time program available for children who attend Kindergarten or Grade 1 for part of the day.

Note: All clients will be assessed and screened before acceptance into the on-site group program. There are several pre-requisite skills necessary before children are ready for group ABA therapy.

Current Group Openings

Morning Program (9:30 am - noon)

Open - We are now enrolling children in our morning program.

Afternoon Program (12:30 pm - 3:00 pm)

Full - Currently, there are no openings in the afternoon program.

For more information or program registration, please email Dr. Ramen Saggu at [email protected] or call 778-565-1064.

Private Assessments

Dr. Ramen Saggu is currently conducting private assessments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for children in preschool through Pacific ABA Academy for families who do not want to wait an upwards of 12-18 months on the Sunnyhill Hospital wait list for a government funded diagnosis.

Dr. Saggu holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and completed her internship and post-internship conducting assessments for (ASD) for children and youth. She is currently training under a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Todd Mason, while conducting the private ASD assessments along with a team of highly qualified Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP's) at Pacific ABA Academy.

Book a Private Assessment

For more information or an ASD assessment intake package, please call the clinic at 778-565-1064.